Winner at the international „Genius Loci Weimar“, audio-visual video projection on the facade of the Altenburg, 2021

About the film and the artist

Solo exhibition „Thread“ at Hypovereinsbank Berlin, 2021

Solo exhibition „Colour Dance“, video projection at S- Bahnhof Westkreuz, Berlin, 2022

Paper cut animation film „colour dance“, Winner in Prague International Film Festival and semi- finalist at Alternative Filmfestival AltFF, Toronto, CA, 2021

Animation Film „Nature Dance“, Berlin, 2021

concept „Art4Future Vattenfall“, 2022

Virtual Solo Exhibition, Berlin, 2022

Group exhibition „Fresh Legs“ at Inselgalerie, Berlin, 2021

Animation film „The apple“, Berlin, 2021

Animation film „Berlin Wall“, Premiere at Europäisches Filmfestival Göttingen,DE, 2021

Animation film „Why modern art „socks“, Premiere at Filmfest Bremen 2021, official selection at VAFI & RAFI International Children and Youth Animation Filmfestival, 2021

Animation film „The red thread“, winner in Micro Short animation of the Berlin Flash Film Festival, February 2021 & official selection in the Berlin Revolution Film Festival 2021, at Art Spring Film Festival Berlin and at Film One Fest in New Jersey, US 2021

Animation film „When I grow up“, official selection at Lucas International Filmfestival for young film lovers, Frankfurt am Main, 2021

animation clip „chocolate loop“, 2021

Concept/ Video Installation „Süßer Rausch“, Zionskirche, Berlin, 2022

Stop motion film „A piece of paper“, Premiere at Venice Architecture Film Festival, IT, 2021

Green Award for the Animation film „The green thread“ at Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin (DE) 2021, screening at „Moviemento“ the oldest cinema in Germany, 2021, official selection at International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö (HU), at Kino Pleme in Belgrad and a TV Broadcast at Inheritance Festival (UK), 2021

Stop motion film „The world is yours“, Berlin, 2020

Skulpturen aus Draht, Berlin, 2020

Installation aus Papier „Der Aufhänger“, Berlin, 2020

Aktzeichnungen Berlin, 2020

Video Installation „Body pattern“, 2020

Collagen „Broken“, Berlin, 2020

Photobook „Reflections Hong Kong“, 2019

„Hong Kong“ Video Projection, Club OMA, 79 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2019

Photobook „Watercolor Hong Kong, 2019

Solo exhibition in „Hong Kong Arts Center“, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, March 2018

„Neon faces“, acrylic paintings

Solo exhibition in Club „Endlos“ in Halle/ Saale, Germany, Jan 2017

„Neon faces“, acrylic paintings

My group exhibition in Sydney, 2016

„Garden of Stones“, photography, 2016

My group exhibition in BigCi, Australia, 2015

„Connection“, Installation (2015)

Rundgang durch die Ausstellung

Interaktive Performance „Abstraktion“, 2015

„windows“, Land Art, 2015

„Circles“, Land Art Installations, 2015

„Fassaden“ (2015):

Some of my still lifes (2011 -2015):

„Modern still lifes“ (2015):

„Apple tree“, 2014
Fischglas 2
„empty“, 2014
„noodles“, 2014
„Island“, 2014

My group exhibition „Identities“ in Espoonsilta Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 2013:

photgraphy fluid lines of the city
„Dancing lines of the city“, photography, 2013
photography broken
„Broken“, photography, 2013
photography shadow tree
„Autumn“, photography, 2013
photography exhibition Espoonsilta Gallery Finland
The vernissage in the Espoonsilta Gallery in July 2013

My Solo Exhibition in the Corazon Gallery in La Plata, Argentina, 2012:

Vernissage in Gallery Corazon, 2012
'Der Weg'
„The way“, 2012
installation circle lines in sand
„endless line“, installation, 2012
installation flying films Argentinia
„Floating film tape“, installation, 2012
installation lineas Argentinia
„Forest“, installation, 2012
performance memories
Performance „Memories“, 2012
installation moving lines
Installation „Vibrating Lines“, 2012

My Group Exhibition in the Biennal of Young Art, Moscow, Russia, 2011:

exhibition Moscow Biennal of Art
The Vernissage „Basic Forms“ at Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
Video Performance and painting „Horizontal and vertical Lines“, 2011

My Group Exhibition in University Hildesheim, Germany, 2010:

installation windows
Installation „Windows“, 2010
„Faceless“, collage, 2010
installation flying bird made of paper animated by a ventilator
Installation „Flying bird“ made of paper, animated by a ventilator with strong light, 2010

Earlier artworks

structures, 2010
„Structures“, photography, 2010
Installation, 2010
Installation „Driving lines“, 2010
photography growing shadow, 2009
„Growing shadow“, photography, 2008
photography shadow, 2009
„Transformation“, photography, 2008